Ear Candling

Ear Candling

Price: £114.00

The GTi Ear Candles course covers how to give a full ear candle treatment and covers the history, technique and aftercare of the treatment.

The course also covers reception and consultation, and contra-indications to treatment. It also includes detailed technique modules which show you how to carry out an ear candle treatment.

The course is beautifully written and accompanied by images, diagrams and a voiceover to give you the best possible learning experience.

The course includes online theory as well as a practical training session at a location of your choice, designed to give you the confidence and ability to offer a full ear candle treatment.


GTi Award

All modules and examinations are completed online with full online support available. On completion of the course, successful students will receive a GTi certificate in Ear Candling.

Course Accreditation:

Guild of Beauty Therapists



Course Type:

Theory & Practical

Theory Hours:

6 Hours

This is completed at your own pace

Practical Hours:

3 Hours


Online and Practical Examinations

CPD Points:

12 Points

Modules List

  • Introduction, Reception And Consultation
  • Anatomy And Physiology
  • Contra-Indications
  • Preparation
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare
  • Practical Module