Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Injectables Open Day

Kaana are very excited to introduce this new tier to our treatment range. These highly advanced cosmetic procedures are designed to reduce the signs of ageing and turn back the clock!!

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Lines & Wrinkles

This non- surgical treatment takes around 10 minutes and although no anaesthetic is usually required we at Kaana take pride in making your experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Our in-house Dentist therefore provides either topical or local anaesthetic for all anti-ageing treatments she provides.

The product is derived from a natural small amount of highly purified protein which is injected into elected muscles of facial expression.

The effects are usually seen around 2-3 days after treatment with full effectiveness after 2 weeks. The results usually last for anywhere between 4-6 months before lines slowly start to return. Clients find that with repeated treatments the intervals between the sessions get less often and results last for longer. If treatment is ceased, the lines and wrinkles return to normal or pre-treatment levels as the function in the muscles returns.

This therapy can also be used to treat other conditions for example in patients with Cerebal Palsy and Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Sweat reduction (Hyperhydrosis)

This condition affects millions of people all over the world. It can occur in various parts of the body including the hands, feet, underarms or even face. Stress, high temperatures and physical activity can increase perspiration amongst most individuals. This is not what we term Hyperhydrosis. Hyperhydrosis can stop the body from regulating its own temperature. people can have a genetic predisposition to this condition. Until now this condition has been very difficult to control as treatment entailed creams and sprays but rarely were they truly effective.

Dermal Fillers and facial volume loss

Skin smoothing micro particles help to lift deep lines, wrinkles and furrows. These products can be used to induce collagen growth in skin to alleviate sunken facial contours, principally for the cheeks. As well as lifting the skin it also smooths and improves skin texture in the treated areas.

Anaesthetic cream is usually applied prior to treatment. Injections usually take about 15 minutes followed by a short period of massage. Massage should be introduced into your daily routine for a couple of weeks following treatment in order to encourage smooth collagen growth.

Depending on the degree of correction required, at least 2 treatments may be needed. Further sessions of treatment may be scheduled around 6 weeks apart to allow collagen growth between treatments. Results are quite long term with most patients tending to have single maintenance treatments 16 to 18 months after the initial series of required treatments

Lip enhancements

Our lips tend to loose their volume and definition as we age. Our new treatments allow us to preserve the full volume and contour of our lips for a longer. We can create a natural and more hydrated effect to allow us to produce smoother and younger looking lips.

Cosmetic injectable fees

Consultation with Doctor
Hyperhidrosis (sweat block injections) *both armpits *
From £400
Azzalure - One area
From £200
Azzalure - Two area
From £250
Azzalure - Three area
From £290
Restylane 0.5ml
From £200
Restylane 1.0m
From £280
Restylane - Lip enhancement
From £320
Sub Q 2ml
From £550
Perlane 1ml
From £300

All treatments are subject to availability and prices may be altered without prior notice

Less than 24 hour notification for all cancellations will be subject to a 50% cancallation fee